New claim on who fired fatal shot at McGurk

There has been another dramatic twist in the mystery as to who fired the fatal shot that killed Michael McGurk outside his Cremorne home in 2009.

On Monday, Senad Kaminic surprised a committal hearing when he claimed, for the first time, that the day after Mr McGurk was shot dead, his friend Haissam Safetli admitted pulling the trigger.

Safetli, 47, has said it was ”The Kid” who fired the fatal shot, not him. Safetli recently received a heavily discounted sentence of seven years in jail after agreeing to give evidence against his accomplice, Chris Estephan, who was 19 at the time Mr McGurk was shot.

Mr Estephan, now 23, has agreed he was there on the night but he claims he did not know there was to be a murder.

The Crown case is that Fortunato ”Lucky” Gattellari was given $500,000 cash by his friend, property tycoon Ron Medich, to hire someone to murder Mr McGurk.

When Gattellari began looking for a hitman, his driver Kaminic introduced him to brothers Haissam and Bassam Safetli.

After the murder, Bassam Safetli’s telephone was used to send the message: ”Job’s done.”

Haissam Safetli received about $300,000 in cash for Mr McGurk’s murder. His sidekick, Mr Estephan, got $30,000.

Kaminic said that in 2010, as police began closing in, Safetli discussed murdering Mr Estephan and Safetli’s girlfriend Krystal Weir because they knew too much.

Kaminic, who gave evidence with the aid of a Bosnian interpreter, also said Safetli told him ”I shoot him” in relation to Mr McGurk’s murder. It was the day after the murder and Kaminic said he had gone to Safetli’s house at Elderslie, near Camden, where Safetli was openly discussing the murder in front of his brother Bassam, their 19-year-old nephew Adam Chahine and Chris Estephan.

Kaminic said he signalled to talk in private but Safetli said ”they all knew.” He said Safetli talked about rain falling on his glasses [it was raining intermittently on the night of the murder]. He also said Safetli said: ”When he [McGurk] come, get out of the car, I hit him.”

Kaminic added that he did not know whether or not Safetli was telling the truth. ”His claims, in effect, implicates Haissam Safetli directly in committing the murder himself, ” Mr Medich’s counsel Winston Terracini said.

Crown prosecutor Gina O’Rourke said police would now take a formal statement about Kaminic’s conversation with Safetli.

While Safetli was giving evidence last month, a man recently released from prison screamed from the back of the courtroom: ”Yes, you did! You shot him, you piece of shit … you set up a 19-year-old boy for the murder.”

Kaminic and his boss Gattellari have received reduced sentences for agreeing to testify against the alleged mastermind, Mr Medich.

The hearing continues.

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