Abbott artwork draws applause and eggs

Source: Daily Advertiser

IT WAS a thumping victory for the Coalition on Saturday night and the people of Australia would hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Sitting outside Gurwood Street graphic design business Advision, a predominately blue and red poster sums up Tony Abbott in one word: hopeless.

The distinctive artwork – an enlarged part of a postcard series – was created by a team of designers, including owner Michael Agzarian.

Inspired by the work of designer Shepard Fairey and his famous “HOPE” poster incorporating Barack Obama, it has drawn plenty of attention from passersby – and even a few eggs.

Usually illuminated at night, Mr Agzarian has been forced to turn the light off on Friday and Saturday nights to deter would-be vandals.

“The whole idea was to try and get people to ask the question – what is he offering,” Mr Agzarian said. “We’ve had the office egged about three times since it went up.”

While the projectiles have been found scrambled on the shopfront, none have made contact with the poster.

Attempts have been made though, to add extra words, including “not”.

Mr Agzarian admitted to displaying a number of posters “which have caused a lot of angst” and said hundreds of people had stopped to take in the message. There is also no intention of pulling it down just yet.

“Ninety per cent of people have popped their head in and said ‘I love it, can I take a photo?’” he said.

The Daily Advertiser spotted dozens of people doing just that -with one passenger in a car snapping a photo on their phone while waiting at the traffic lights.

“Give him a go, the other government hasn’t done much better,” one woman said.

Wagga resident, Katherine Verrall, said she “totally agreed” with the poster before labelling Mr Abbott sexist, homophobic and racist.

“I don’t think, as far as rights go, he’ll do that well,” Ms Verrall, 17, said.

Pat Hayes, from Canberra, thought it was “very clever”.

“It’s almost an essay in one word,” he said.

Michael Agzarian, from Gurwood Street graphic design business Advision looks up at the enlarged Tony Abbott postcard outside his shop. Pic: Michael Frogley

Also included in the postcard series is Mr Abbott as the “Policy Phantom” and another labelled “Turn Back Tony”.

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